The Journey


At Cityscape Ventures, we manage every phase of our projects from beginning to end.

With our full-service development process, we are capable of planning and scaling projects from beginning to end, and acting as the implementation mechanism and intermediary platform for investors and sponsors.

As an intermediary, we maintain control of each project, ensuring the management role is fulfilled and providing a high-quality customer experience to our end user.

This ultimately allows us to maximize ROI for our investors and partners, while maintaining community values and stakeholder objectives.


At Cityscape Ventures, we specialize in developing smart strategies, brokering relationships, and securing the capital necessary to thrive in traditionally untapped markets.

In effect, we serve as an intermediary, the essential link for successful urban revitalization investment ventures. We ensure the interests of current residents are considered, so new developments are not simply an exercise in gentrification.

This translates into smart investments that enhance and improve the overall quality of life in disadvantaged communities.


Our advisory and consulting services include strategic planning, pre-development and program management. Specifically, our in-house consultancy services offer a unique competitive advantage and the timely evaluation of potential deals.

Our strengths are our relationships, creativity, and determination. We are allied with a diverse group of professionals and industry leaders with expertise in business, economic development, real estate and governmental affairs.

Leveraging these strengths, we help our clients navigate each aspect of the deal, from strategic planning to accessing capital. In essence, we see ourselves as “Urban Sherpas” that deliver results.


At Cityscape Ventures, we have extensive experience in coordinating and soliciting participation from planning departments, community development agencies, housing authorities, and other city development groups responsible for economic and community enhancement.

As a result, we have been successful at partnering with numerous entities to develop consensus for initiatives and capital projects. Proudly, we have been instrumental in creating strong public-private partnerships to develop projects that are beneficial to all.


Successful implementations require consistent and timely communications between all parties involved. That’s why at Cityscape Ventures, we provide a single point of contact to streamline communication from the planning stage through project completion.

Our objective is to ensure the successful, timely performance of all services, so each project is expertly managed, including regular status reports on the project’s costs, changes, resources and quality.

Vendor-Neutral Approach

At Cityscape Ventures, we believe a vendor-neutral approach provides our clients with the optimal deployment solution. Our flexible and scalable approach allows us to utilize the best combination of internal resources, external suppliers, partners and service companies.

The result: efficient and effective execution within your specified project requirements. To ensure compliance with these standards, our quality team monitors progress with periodic audits both during and after project completion.

Service Features:

  • Single point of contact
  • Process-driven approach
  • Results on-time and within budget
  • Program management team
  • Vendor-neutral service

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